Vitreous – Retinal Surgery Department

Ypapanti Eye Clinic has a specialized vitreous – retinal surgery department which is staffed by highly trained and experienced doctors and scientific personnel, regularly updated on the latest developments in ophthalmology and the field of vitreous – retinal surgery. Our specialized clinic is equipped with modern advanced technology equipment, constantly subjected to quality controls guaranteeing the absolute validity of the results of any ocular examination.

As we get older the vitreous humour can pull away from its natural support due to a change of texture, or the effect of external factors. While this is happening, flashes, particles or black spots appear in the vision field and the phenomenon is called vitreous detachment. Vitreous detachment itself does not present risks to eyesight, but if an individual displays its symptoms, should immediately visit an ophthalmologist because those may imply severe situations, such as a crack in the retina.

In our Vitreous – Retinal Department at Ypapanti Eye Clinic we conduct all the necessary diagnostic tests and treat all cases of conditions observed in the internal content (vitreous) and the inner wall (retina) of the eye. At the same time, we monitor the respective clinical details and adopt the appropriate surgical technique.

Scientific Directors: Chalioulias Constantinos, Apostolopoulos Michalis