Using the EXCIMER LASER VISX STAR S4IR platform by AMO the ophthalmologist surgeon can provide the patient with advanced vision correction using CustomVue® technology. Wavefront-guided correction of vision is providing maximum accuracy in the final result.

CustomVue Advantages:

● Wavefront guided

WaveScan machine records all eye irregularities taking into consideration in the correction, the higher-order aberrations as well. Additionally the whole LASER operation plan is digitally laid out in the machine prior to surgery so that the surgeon can focus exclusively on the patient.

● VSS (Variable Spot Scanning)

SpVarying laser spot diameters are used for a more uniform cover of the area of the corneal layer being ablated optimizing treatment time.

● VRR (Variable Repetition Rate)

The Repetition rate is not constant but varies depending on the size of the spot, the area of the cornea and the correction, reducing the thermal impact on the tissue.

● ActiveTrack System

An infrared cameras tracker monitors the cornea in three dimensions capturing moves even at 60Hz when the majority of normal eye movements do not exceed 20Hz.

● Iris Registration

Maximizes the accuracy of centering, allowing wavefront LASER treatments to be applied directly on the cornea exactly as measured pre-operatively, reducing deviations that may be caused due to cyclorotation or changes in pupil diameter.