Strabismus department

Ypapanti Eye Clinic has a specialized strabismus department which is staffed by highly trained and experienced doctors and scientific personnel, regularly updated on the latest developments in ophthalmology and strabismus in particular. Our specialized clinic is equipped with modern advanced technology equipment, constantly subjected to quality controls guaranteeing the absolute validity of the results of any ocular examination.

Strabismus is a relatively common condition that normally occurs at a young age. The condition is caused by the optical axes of the two eyes not being parallel. The strabismus degree varies from a few degrees, so that in many cases it is not even noticed, to many degrees, whereupon the family environment of the young patient instantly gets alerted. Strabismus apart from the aesthetic dimension has significant effects on the overall functioning of the vision. A squint eye gradually loses its ability to distinguish anything clearly and consequently is rendered practically useless (amblyopia). The suspicion alone of strabismus should lead to the decision for a complete eye examination, so that, on one hand, the cause of strabismus is identified and, on the other hand, the appropriate indicated treatment is determined.

The strabismus department of Ypapanti Eye Clinic does a comprehensive study of strabismus in order to adopt the best surgical method to treat it. The applied surgical method depends on the nature of strabismus and the decision for a surgery is up to the scientific judgment of experienced and specialized physicians.

Scientific Director: Oikonomopoulos Nikolaos, Former Director, Strabismus Department, G. Genimatas Hospital, with further training in Germany. Athens University PhD.