Intralase FS 160 Advanced Femtosecond Laser

Using the Intralase FS 160 Advanced Femtosecond Laser platform by AMO, the surgeon has now the opportunity to create flaps during LASIK operations, and perform many other operations on the cornea with maximum precision and absolute control and customization. Operations now become «bladeless» with much higher safety and predictability.

Advantages of LASIK operation:

  • Precise control of flap position and flap diameter /shape: The surgeon can choose the ideal position for the flap, as well as the diameter of the flap. Further more, a flap in elliptical shape, i.e. closer to the natural shape of the eye, is possible.
  • Flap thickness selection: Depending on the initial thickness of the cornea and the desired correction, the surgeon can adjust the thickness of the flap improving the postoperative stability of the cornea.
  • Incision angle selection: This feature allows the surgeon to ensure a smooth return of your flap to its original position without the need for marking, and also reduce the likelihood of epithelial ingrowth.
  • Power and pulse selection: By lowering these parameters less tissue reaction is achieved. However, surgeons less familiar with the technique may choose to increase these parameters to ensure comfortable separation of the flap

Additional FEMTOSECOND applications:

  • For the implantation of ring segments and other corneal inlays.
  • Astigmatism incisions: Incisions with high accuracy in any desired dimensions can be created, depending on the corneal topography and anterior segment OCT.
  • Keratoplasty: The construction of innovative corneal incisions is expected to provide greater accuracy in transplants of partial and full thickness.