Oculus Pentacam

Oculus Pentacam corneal topography for detailed imaging of the anterior and posterior corneal surface. Based on Scheimpflug principle camera. Pentacam Topography provides us with detailed pachymetry maps and multiple imaging programs (4 Maps Refractive, Topometric / Keratoconus Staging, Belin-Ambrosio Enhanced Ectasia etc) necessary for the diagnosis / monitoring of clinical and subclinical keratoconus and other … Continue reading Oculus Pentacam


Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking System Corneal Collagen – Cross Linking is a therapeutic method used to treat keratoconus, secondary ectasias (PRK, LASIK, RK, Pellucid Marginal Degeneration, Irregular astigmatism) as well as infectious keratitis.   FLEXIBILITY: Multiple treatment options Easy to use in any work environment   INNOVATION: Exclusive CF-CXL protocol Customized, fast and safe   SAFETY: … Continue reading CFX-LINKER


Rexon-Eye® is an innovative, NON-INVASIVE treatment for all types of dry eye syndrome (evaporative or aqueous deficient). Dry eye is a multifactorial lacrimal and ocular surface illness, causing discomfort and foreign body sensation in the eyes, blurred vision and tear film instability. It is accompanied by ocular surface inflammation and hyperosmolarity of the tear film … Continue reading REXON-EYE

Intralase FS 160 Advanced Femtosecond Laser

Using the Intralase FS 160 Advanced Femtosecond Laser platform by AMO, the surgeon has now the opportunity to create flaps during LASIK operations, and perform many other operations on the cornea with maximum precision and absolute control and customization. Operations now become «bladeless» with much higher safety and predictability. Advantages of LASIK operation: Precise control … Continue reading Intralase FS 160 Advanced Femtosecond Laser


Using the EXCIMER LASER VISX STAR S4IR platform by AMO the ophthalmologist surgeon can provide the patient with advanced vision correction using CustomVue® technology. Wavefront-guided correction of vision is providing maximum accuracy in the final result. CustomVue Advantages: ● Wavefront guided WaveScan machine records all eye irregularities taking into consideration in the correction, the higher-order … Continue reading VISX

Baush & Lomb Stellaris – Vision and Enhacement System

The Premium Platform For Advanced Lens Surgery The Stellaris Vision Enhancement System is designed to complement your surgical technique and exceed your patient's expectations. It enables sub-2 mm lens surgery through a flexible, hybrid approach to fluidics and advanced, ultra-efficient cutting dynamics. Fluidics control and cutting efficiency for successful MICS Phaco Potential Clinical Advantages of … Continue reading Baush & Lomb Stellaris – Vision and Enhacement System

Quantel medical Compact touch

Image quality first Compact Touch STSUBM™ delivers high resolution digital imaging. Quantel Medical's proprietary linear scanning and automotive technology allows for maximized perpendicular to tissues, throughout the examining field. Ultrasound Biomicroscopy Quantel Medical's Compact Touch STS UBM™ is the diagnostic tool able for glaucoma, post treatment evaluation and refractive surgery. Easy to use Work faster … Continue reading Quantel medical Compact touch

IOL Master 700

Biometry of thicker nucleus Simultaneous corneal pachymetry Imprinting of the cornea curvature Optical axis OCT imaging for central fixation control Non-contact, IOLMaster high technology optical biometry, for accurate calculation of the axial length, keratometry and anterior chamber depth. It provides all the necessary biometric parameters for the correct calculation of the power of the IOL. … Continue reading IOL Master 700


Multifunctional fundus photography device with many applications Color photography Red-free photography Fluoroangiography Indocyanine green angiography Autofluorescence Zeiss telecentric optics for exceptional quality images Enables photos at a pupil diameter as small as 3.3 mm Standard features such as Auto-Flash and Auto-Focus for minimum adjustment moves by the user. Used for: Digital Fluoroangiography Indocyanine green angiography … Continue reading ZEISS VISUCAM 500

HRT3 Heidelberg

One platform three applications Multiple applications: Glaucoma Retinal edema Cornea/Conjuctiva Easy handling No dilation Works with Laptop or PC Single or shared use Data base builder The Heidelberg Retina Tomograph 3 (HRT 3) is a confocal laser scanning system for imaging of the anterior and posterior segments of the eye. It consists of three modules … Continue reading HRT3 Heidelberg

Nidek Endothelial Microscope

Recording of endothelial cells for a better pre-operative preparation or monitoring. Quick measurement and automatic results’ analysis. Analyzing the number, the size and the morphology of cells. Used for: Measurement of Endothelial Cells

OCT optovue Avanti RTvue XR

Vasculature imaging without contrast medium Easy image capture Avoiding side effects of contrast medium in patients with allergies and in patients with renal insufficiency In cases of wet age related macular degeneration In ischemic maculopathy (diabetic and vein occlusion) Used for: Corneal pachymetry Angiography without contrast medium Optical Coherence Tomography (Macula, optic nerve, anterior segment)

Baush & Lomb Orbscan IIZ

Used for: Corneal topography