Electrophysiology -ERG-VEP Department

Ypapanti Eye Clinic has a specialized electrophysiology department which is staffed by highly trained and experienced doctors and scientific personnel, regularly updated on the latest developments in electrophysiology and electrodiagnostics. Our specialized clinic is equipped with modern advanced technology equipment, constantly subjected to quality controls guaranteeing the absolute validity of the results of any ocular examination.

The electrophysiology department of Ypapanti Eye Clinic offers top quality diagnostic services, guaranteed through the use of advanced equipment. Electrophysiological tests are developed by highly trained physicians according to internationally defined standards, providing indications in regards to the function of the optical path from eye to brain.

Visit the electrophysiology department of Ypapanti Eye Clinic where all electrophysiological examinations and vision electrodiagnostics are carried out by specially trained personnel using advanced equipment.