Cornea-Transplant/ Topography Department

Ypapanti Eye Clinic is licensed by EOM (National Transplant Organization) and has a specialized corneal transplant and topography department, staffed by highly trained and experienced doctors and scientific personnel, regularly updated on the latest developments in ophthalmology. Our specialized clinic is equipped with modern advanced technology equipment, constantly subjected to quality controls guaranteeing the absolute validity of the results of any corneal examination.

The cornea is essentially an exposed tissue that may suffer an infection, damage or injury. Various injuries, infections, opacities, deformation and scarring are among the causes that can lead to a corneal transplant, wherein the cornea is replaced by a compatible donor cornea. The corneal topography is a specialized test through which we can derive useful information (through a series of colored maps) on the curvature of the cornea. The different colors in a topographical map represent the distribution of refractive power on the corneal surface with the different colors depicting areas with higher or lower refractive power. The range of colors also enables comparison of different eyes.

In the corneal department of Ypapanti Eye Clinic we perform all diagnostic tests and examinations related to corneal diseases aiming to treat and cure them either in a conservative manner (such as medication and contact lenses), or surgically with transplants.

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