Ypapanti Eye Clinic has a specialized cataract department which is staffed by highly trained and experienced doctors and scientific personnel, regularly updated on the latest developments in ophthalmology and cataract treatment. Our specialized clinic is equipped with modern advanced technology equipment, constantly subjected to quality controls guaranteeing the absolute validity of the results of any ocular cataract examination.

Cataract is the clouding of the natural crystalline lens of the eye. As the lens becomes cloudy it obstructs light from passing on to the retina causing a gradual loss of distant and near vision. Clouding of the lens constitutes a part of the natural process of aging of the human body. However, it may be caused or aggravated by other causes, such as a trauma, medication or disease, or be present at birth.

In Ypapanti Eye Clinic cataract department we achieve the diagnosis of cataract with a complete eye examination to assess the case of cataract and to highlight other factors which may cause loss of eyesight. Cataract treatment is usually done with microsurgery under local anaesthesia. The patient is subjected to various eye measurements, in order to select precisely the intraocular lens to be used in surgery.

Scientific Director: Ioannis Oikonomopoulos